When you acquire a new Linux cloud website hosting package, it is generated on a server and the process usually takes some time, in addition to the validation and processing of the fee, which many companies perform personally. When you buy a dedicated server, for example, the configuration takes even longer as the unit must be built, installed and tried so as to warrant that it will work the right way. Because of this, the majority of suppliers have a one-time fee in order to cover the time and efforts devoted to your brand new account. The fee, which sometimes is quite high, is normally not listed on the front page, yet you'll notice it on the checkout or payment page, so you will not be familiar with it before you have already completed the whole registration process and you may even miss it if you don't pay close attention.

Setup Fee in Cloud Website Hosting

We do not charge anything in addition to the price of the Linux cloud website hosting package that you choose, which means that you won't be required to pay any set-up charges or any kind of charges except for what you've already seen on the main page. We consider that being honest to our customers is of key importance for creating a long-term business partnership, that's why we will never require that you pay hidden charges of any sort, particularly for something that's virtually entirely automatic and normally takes several minutes to be performed by our system. You will not pay set-up charges even if you get multiple accounts and they will all be fully active right away, so that you are able to begin taking care of your sites. The overall amount that you have to pay for all of our plans is the same that you see on the home page.